Big Pixel Initiative Develops Remote Sensing Analysis to Help Map Global Urbanization: Researchers at University of California San Diego’s Big Pixel Initiative are using unique tools to map urban areas around the globe, potentially revolutionizing large-scale analysis of urbanization. + READ MORE

Getting the Bigger Picture: Students across campus are being taught to understand the technology that affects our lives, every single day. And in the process, they’ll graduate more prepared for jobs that have the potential to make positive, real-world change. + READ MORE

Putting Google Earth Engine on the map at UC San Diego: Ran Goldblatt brings to Global Policy and Strategy more than just his expertise as a geographer and GIS analyst but also a determination to equip students with the latest tools of the trade. + READ MORE

University Students Turn Satellite Images into Policy Analysis: Over 50 students – most of them graduate students participated at the Big Pixel Hackathon to Discover the Planet. The hackathon was organized by the Big Pixel Initiative (BPI) to showcase what can happen when you let students loose on the largest private collection of high-resolution satellite imagery on earth. + READ MORE

UC San Diego Granted Access to DigitalGlobe Commercial Satellite Imagery: The DigitalGlobe Foundation has selected the University of California San Diego to be one of two institutions of higher learning given open access to DigitalGlobe Basemap, an online map and database of current, high-resolution satellite imagery – of the entire planet. + READ MORE